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3 Practical (But Easy) Plants To Have In Your Garden This Autumn

By Laura Anderson

Now that autumn is upon us, you might be tempted to take another look at your garden. It’s a great time of year for anyone with green fingers, with fresh new flowers coming into bloom and ripe vegetables just begging to be harvested.

Not everyone has much luck in the garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun! Here is one veggie, one flower and one herb that will put something grand into your garden, your stomach and your vases.


You don’t have to own rural real estate to start growing your own food, and spring onions are perfect for the beginning gardener. There’s no need to worry about replanting these either – once you cut them the first time, so long as the roots are intact, they will keep growing back! A real Terminator among plants, this one.

Why not try them in a chicken and spring onion pie? Perfect for the colder weather, and all the tastier for having homegrown produce in it.


The days of summer flowers are unfortunately behind us, and the days of a little more subtlety in colour are here. One particular autumn favourite of ours are asters, in particular the Aster novi-belgii. These gorgeous violet flowers grow up to 1 metre tall, are easy to grow for the black-fingers among us, and are also perfect for cutting and placing in vases.

They will live for one to two weeks once placed in vases, giving you up to a full 14 days of fresh, vibrant colour to spruce up your autumn decor.


Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh herbs? These are often some of the first plants that people try to care for in the form of living herb pots bought from the supermarket – but you may have found you haven’t had much luck with them. This is because herbs love to be out in the open, with plenty of clearance above them. Plant them in the garden instead of in a pot, and you can bet you’ll have a much happier set of herbs.

Autumn is a great time to plant coriander no matter where in Australia you are – this little plant can survive in nearly any of our climates, though of course you still have to water them and ensure they don’t burn out!

The change of the season is a great time to revamp your garden – we hope these three suggestions give you a little inspiration when it comes to your real estate!

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