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3 Tips For Painting Like A Pro

By Laura Anderson

Let’s face it – some of us are closer to a Jackson Pollock than a Monet when it comes to giving our real estate a new lick of paint. You might be going for that look, but for many, it’s the simple, bold and most of all even coats that are the real goal.

Painting is a real art (literally), and it’s no different when it comes to updating your interior decor. To get you started on your DIY spruce up, here are the key things you need to know before you begin painting.

1) Water or Oil-Based Paints

Be sure to pay attention not only to the colour, but to the type as well.

Choose your paints carefully, as this makes all the difference to your final result. Be sure to pay attention not only to the colour, but to the type as well: water-based paints are more common, but oil-based might be more suitable if you are painting glossy woodwork.

One more thing: if you are painting over a previous oil-based coat, a water-based product won’t stick properly and could ruin your new look. Our advice is to remove any previous paint completely beforehand. It’ll take a little longer, but it will be a better finish.

2) Paint the Trim, Then the Wall

You absolutely need to use tape.

Whether you’re painting a wall with skirting boards or a cupboard with structural trims, you’ll want to start with these before moving on to the main event. This is because it is far easier to tape off the trims and protect these smaller areas than taping off the larger surfaces.

While we’re on that subject, you absolutely need to use tape. It’s simple to apply, and if you use a quality brand, won’t damage your painting. It’s better to use tape and avoid costly mistake than having to redo an entire section because of an errant blob of paint.

3) Keep Texture in Mind

It isn’t just about colour and accuracy, it’s about texture too. If you are patching a bit of wall with some new paint, remember to prime it first. This way, the sheen will remain consistent. Even if you are starting with a blank canvas, remember to do multiple coats and stay consistent with your roller – this is a real skill, and one of the reasons why painters are skilled professionals.

If you are going to do a lot of painting, you might want to invest in a paint grid rather than a tray. This will make your painting faster and easier and likely more consistent.

We hope these tips help you give your real estate a new lease on life!

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