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5 Tips For Getting Your Garden In Shape For Christmas

By Laura Anderson

Buying yourself a home for Christmas could be a brilliant idea. If this December turns out anything like last year, when CoreLogic RP Data reported record low auction clearance rates, there will be less competition and you may just snap up a bargain.

One of the most important considerations in your new home will be getting ready for holiday festivities. Christmas is coming, with it comes sunshine, long barbeques, and lots of entertaining – mainly outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

Will your garden be ready for action? We’ve whipped up five slightly unconventional tips to help make sure it is.


When it comes to this time of year doing something a little special will help get you and your family in the holiday mood.

Putting up an artificial Christmas tree in the lounge would certainly do the job. But when it comes to this time of year doing something a little special will help get you and your family in the holiday mood.

Buying a real Christmas tree, like the good old days, and planting it outside could just do the trick.

You’ll need to muck in with a spade to plant it, but that’s all part of the fun. It’ll look amazing lit up at night, and opening presents on the back lawn under the warm sun come Christmas morning will be something you’ll remember.

Remember – you’ll need an outdoor grade extension cord as well as lighting and decorations that are intended for outdoor use.


Get creative and think about which features of your yard could compliment the lighting effect.

With a little creativity, you can make your Christmas lighting truly special and unique.

Don’t aim to use as many bright lights as possible – get creative and think about which features of your yard could compliment the lighting.

Lighting around a birdbath, or over a small pond or pool will take advantage of the water’s reflections and create a beautiful effect.

Wrap fairy lights around trees in the back yard and the illumination will make them look just a little magical. It’s all about creativity!


Through most of the year, turning your sprinklers on once a week for 20 minutes will do the trick, but with the summer heat your garden may need a little more attention. This tip falls short of unconventional, but it could be the key to making your garden really pop for when you’re entertaining on those hot summer days.

Pay close attention to your garden as the weather heats up and the soil dries out.

Water it yourself once or twice a week if required. Also, adding a little extra fertiliser will make sure that your grass and surrounding plants stay a vibrant green, instead of a dying brown.


If you’ve got a garden with limited space, why not use every inch? Planting your garden vertically could be the key, and there are a million creative ways to do this.

A repurposed pallet, for example, can be turned on it’s side against a fence or garden wall then planted with shrubbery or hanging greenery.

This is a striking and rustic feature that could make your garden stand out. For something a little less labour intensive stack crates against a wall and plant them with veggies or colourful flowers.


Any respectable family Christmas is not complete without the infamous long-lunch. Champagne bottles are popped, your entire family gorges themselves on glazed ham and a good time is had by all. It’s a special day already, but eating lunch al-fresco in the surrounds of your newly revamped garden could make it even more memorable.

Bring your inside furniture out if necessary, and enjoy a day of merriment in the great out doors. Just don’t forget to check the weather forecast

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