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5 Ways To Use That Spare Bedroom

By Laura Anderson

For whatever reason, people often end up with a spare room in their real estate. Whether its a flatmate who has moved out or a child that has flown the nest, you might find yourself with a home that has a little more space than you expected.

This is a perfect opportunity, however, to use it for more than just the occasional overnight guest. Here are five ways you can turn that spare room into a real asset for your property.

1. The Social Living Room

You won’t have to clean nearly as much. If you’ve got a larger spare room, you can easily turn it into a cosy social living space. Perfect for those people who love to have friends and family over, a second social living room doesn’t go through the same wear and tear as the primary one. This means your upholstery, carpet and furniture are undamaged and ready to impress, plus you won’t have to clean nearly as much. That’s a win-win by anyone’s standards.

2. The Man Cave

Imagine a play room, but for adults – that’s a man cave. While nowadays it’s a bit ridiculous to think that blokes have a monopoly on things like good sofas, a grand TV and video game consoles, the name of ‘man cave’ has stuck. Fill that spare room with all your guilty pleasures and a seat to enjoy them on and wham – you’ve got a man cave.

3. The Storage Plus

You can also use this opportunity to chuck out anything you don’t really need. While it might not be the most exciting thing to do with a spare room, with the right know-how you can de-clutter the rest of your home and still retaining easy access to stuff you might need every so often. Fill up that spare room with filing cabinets, shelves and other storage solutions and make sure they are labelled and intelligently placed for maximum efficiency. You can also use this opportunity to chuck out anything you don’t really need, making it a double-whammy against a over-stuffed home.

4. The Hobby Room

Similar to the man cave but a little less specialist, that spare bedroom could be the solution for all the little hobbies that you’ve picked up over time. Whether you like to sew and need a work table or could use some space for your home gym equipment, this could be the answer to your prayers.

5. The Pets Paradise

This is particularly helpful for people who have friends or family that aren’t too fond of the fluffier members of your household. Rather than locking them up in a bedroom for the duration of the stay, why not turn that impromptu prison into somewhere that they love to be?

Remember, a spare room can be a real blessing, so make sure you use it to its full potential!

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