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7 Backyard Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

By Laura Anderson

1. The grass is taller than an NBA player

You know what’s not cute during a viewing? A brown belly black snake emerging from your overgrown lawn to bite the guy who was about to place an offer. Sure, the likelihood of that is relatively low, but here’s the news just in: manicured lawns can sell homes. Ensure your grass is short, well-trimmed and watered. We want green and lush not long and dangerous.

2. The outdoor setting is from 1986

We’re here to sell a fantasy to a potential buyer. And there’s nothing dreamy about the plastic seven-piece outdoor setting that’ll fly into the air when even the slightest wind hits. Invest in some furniture for your deck that feels a bit more aspirational. Timber settings are reasonably priced and look way better than lightweight plastic.

3. The deck is dryer than the Sahara Desert

Hard work is not something any potential buyer wants. With that in mind, the last thing you want is a cracked, splintering deck that screams high-maintenance. A trip to the hardware store and one afternoon is all it’ll take you get your timber deck looking moist and miraculous again. Do not avoid this necessary bit of upkeep.

4. There’s no barbie zone

Every Aussie worth their southern cross tatt knows that you need a barbecue in the backyard. We want a buyer to imagine chucking snags on the barbie every summer, so failing to include this in your outdoor area is a major rookie error. If you already have one, make sure it’s gleaming.

5. You haven’t carved out a kids area

Selling to a family? Staging a kids room inside is only half your job done. You have to make sure there’s a zone outside for them as well. You don’t have to spend a fortune here, but it wouldn’t hurt to put a swing set or slippery dip out if your yard is big enough to take it.

6. The windows are dirtier than 2002 Christina Aguilera

What’s that calling your name in the distance? It’s the gurney at the hardware store and you need to go hire it immediately. Every window in your house should be shining on viewing day, so a high-pressure clean in the lead-up is a must.

7. The gutters are more clogged than a teenager’s pores

Trust me, people will go outside and look at your gutters. If they’re overflowing with debris (or worse – birds nests!) buyers will not only be turned off your external zone, but they’ll be wondering what other pockets of your home are packed with filth. Time to get on the phone and call in a cleaner.

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