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7 Tips for a More Rentable Property

By Ray White Picton

So what are some of the most common things that often need repair or replacing around the property?

Tip 1: Repairs to any holes or cracks
Have them filled and sand the surface area back, then re-paint. Nice, quick and simple.

Tip 2: Replace washers in dripping taps
Why leave it and potentially have to pay excess water charges? Changing the washer in the taps is often all that is required.

Tip 3: Clearing blocked sinks
Quite often blocked pipes have plastic access caps that unscrew so that blockages can be accessed; if this is not possible then a plunger is the next best option. If this is still unsuccessful then caustic soda can be used to flush the system out.

Tip 4: Fresh coat of paint
Always a sure fire way to freshen up any room.

Tip 5: Re-grout tiles in bathroom or kitchen
When the grouting in your bathroom or kitchen is filthy or mouldy it looks horrible and dirty. Replacing the grouting between the tiles is a quick, cheap and easy way to brighten up the area and give a fresh clean new look.

Tip 6: Replace flyscreens
Replacing the flyscreens in your windows and doors can make your property look and smell cleaner instantly.

Tip 7: Re-coat floor polish
Whether it be polished floor boards inside or outside decking areas, a fresh coast of polish (or oil on the deck) changes the look of the floor completely.

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