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7 Top Tips To Consider Before Planning A Home Renovation

By Laura Anderson

Before starting your next home renovation project, heed the advice of the tradies who’ve seen it all before and steer clear of unforeseen hazards.

It’s easy to get lured in by effortless-looking DIY projects on TV and renovating shows, but those who have tried will admit it can quickly go from dream to disaster.

Here are some insider tips that will hopefully have you on your way to hassle-free home building or renovating in no time.

1. Know your property’s worth before you start

Knowledge is a powerful thing in this day and age. Being aware of the value of your home before you start will allow you to avoid over-capitalising and it’ll also give you a point from which to grow after your renovation is complete.

2. Always get more than one quote

Never assume the brickie down the road is going to be the cheapest. Always get two prices within the one trade to make sure you’re getting bang for your buck.

It’s vital to check they’re pricing for exactly the same thing. If you can’t seem to find two similar tradies for your task, head to your nearest hardware chain early in the morning and write down the names of the tradies that come through.

These places are usually a hive of activity well before most of us are out of bed.

3. Have a contract in place

Even if it’s just a handwritten note signed by both parties, a basic contract will usually help ensure you get what you’re paying for.

It should itemise all dollar amounts and clearly identify the scope of works. On top of this, always ensure any variations are noted in writing and approved by yourself before proceeding.

4. Don’t DIY unless you’re really sure of your skills

Everyone wants to save a few dollars on labour but biting off more than you can chew will only mean sacrificing on quality or, worse, leave you living in an unfinished home with no end in sight.

It’s often a case of not understanding the full complexity of the task you’ve taken on. So, if you find yourself in over your head, call in an expert, even if it’s just for some advice before you start the project. Our motto is simple: When in doubt, reach out.

If you’re running short of skills (and cash) then consider faking a renovation, making small but impactful changes that cost.

5. Leave electrical, gas and plumbing to the experts

Electricians are licensed for a reason. There’s more to plumbing than plunging a toilet and fiddling with gas and electricity is just outright dangerous if you’re not a qualified expert.

Always call in a professional to help with these jobs.

6. Don’t pay for everything up front

Deposit payments are commonplace in the construction industry, so you’ll definitely need to pay these, but wait until your work is complete and you’re 100 percent happy with it before handing over your money.

It’s a lot easier to get someone back to fix something when they’re chasing some coin.

7. Be flexible

Renovating and building isn’t an exact science and it’s not uncommon for people to take on projects without plans. To be fair, even with plans, you often come across things you didn’t expect.

So, with that in mind, be open to the possibility of change. Never compromise quality but sometimes it’s hard to accommodate for everything, so you may need to be flexible with your desired result.

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