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Boost Your Mood With A Little Colour

By Ray White Picton

We all have natural reactions to colour – a clear blue sky can make you feel more peaceful, a bunch of daffodils, more optimistic. So it’s no surprise that the colours in your home can have an impact on your mood too. Red, for instance, tents to be stimulating and blue, calming. How pure and bright a shade is can come into play, too, as well as personal associations with colour. Here’s how you can tap into the power of colour to feel happier, calmer or more inspired – without a huge paint job.

Energy: Red & Violet
These two stimulating colours boost your energy level by causing your body to pump out more adrenaline. These high-energy colours are especially good in home offices, entryways, small sitting rooms, or staircases.  (Avoid them in the bedroom and bathroom, where you want to relax). If you want to feel inspired but not wired, add just a touch here and there – a red leather magazine caddy or even a big bunch of fresh red or purple flowers.

Happy: Yellow
Want to feel more upbeat? Bring in the colours of sunshine and spring. Soft or pale yellows are ideal for playrooms and children’s rooms. Add a new rug or paint just the ceiling to create a sunny feel. A lighter colour paint will tone down the hue as desired.

Calm: Blue
Most of us choose blue as our favourite colour, and it is really no wonder. Blue is a very soothing hue – it’s the colour of the sky and the sea – and we can all use soothing touches of it in our hectic lives. In our study, it was found that people who were faced with difficult tasks felt less anxious after they saw something blue. Because the colour is relaxing, you can feel free to use it more liberally than happy or energizing colours – it will work well in any room where you long to feel less stressed. Be sure to stick with soft, muted blues. Though, the bright, stronger shades, such as French blue, can actually have a stimulating effect.

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