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Find Out Which Home Features Close the Deal

By Ray White Picton

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist for what your future buyer will be most interested in? Luckily we meet with plenty of potential buyers each and every day and can narrow down the main hit list that they use to weigh up.

Their decisions when looking to purchase a home. Take a look below to ensure your home is ready for the next interested group that wander through.Impress buyers from the outset with a beautiful – not least, tidy – entry to your home. If you don’t have an entry, cleverly placed furniture such as a console table or chest of drawers can create a welcoming vibe. Remember that buyers like an entrance, rather than just walking through a front door to a living room.

Buyers are always on the hunt for wooden floors, as it’s a hardy, stylish and timeless surface. A synthetic wooden floor is an option but know that a laminate floor won’t convince everyone, as it doesn’t look, feel or last the same.

Many agents say bathrooms and kitchens are the most important rooms in the home during a sale, with potential buyers, paying most attention to those two areas during open inspections. This all comes back to the mindset that installing a new bathroom or kitchen is a major hassle that new property owners would rather not have to deal with.

Granite Tops
Buyers don’t want to see grout lines in kitchens and granite is the top pick because it’s hard, non porous and easy to take care of.

Interior designers say that fixtures are “the jewellery of the home”. While buyers will not stop to inspect the taps and be put of from buying a house because the door knobs are old, a home with co-ordinated fixtures will create a strong impression without them realising. Replacing fixtures is the cheapest and quickest way to update a property.

Stainless Steel
Why do buyers love stainless steel appliances so much, particularly as they are impossible to keep clean? It’s the power of suggestion, with stainless steel replicating a modern, commercial kitchen feel.

Just as sleek kitchens and stainless steel appliances make us feel like great chefs, a walk-in wardrobe makes us feel organised. Nothing beats being able to hide clutter by simply sliding a door.

Many buyers view built-in storage as free furniture. Well designed bookshelves, cabinets and entertaining units make a home stand out as quality.

Lighting is the most overlooked, yet one of the most important aspect of interior design. Every home needs three types of light: task, ambient and decorative lighting, which allows you to easily and effectively change the mood of a room.

Families are drawn to homes with a flat open lawn. It’s space that can easily be revamped to add an outdoor entertaining area and also provides room for home extensions. Gardens rather than courtyards have more appeal with buyers.

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