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How Should You Design Your Modern Office

By Laura Anderson

Are you attracted by the prospect of being able to work from home? If a 2013 McCrindle survey on telecommuting and its popularity in Australia and New Zealand is any indication, you might be one of the 78 per cent of people who wanted to do at least some work from home rather than coming into the office.

There’s still one obstacle to overcome – creating a workspace at home. In fact, people are so keen on the idea that 80 per cent were willing to stay longer at their current workplace if they had such an option, while the majority would even take a pay cut if they could spend more time in the home office instead! With such rising popularity, it would be understandable if more businesses start getting on board with the idea of teleworking as standard, if only some of the time. Some of you might be jumping for joy, but there’s still one obstacle to overcome: Creating a workspace at home to replace the one in the office! So, how can you make a home office that truly replaces your workplace environment?

Take Inspiration From Contemporary Commercial Real Estate

If you work in a modern office setting, you may have already seen a particularly potent trend take over – gone are the days of hundreds of cubicles, and open plan design is in. You can replicate this design at home by designing a home office with glass walls rather than solid ones: this also makes it a great choice for those with smaller real estate who want a private workspace but don’t have a spare room.

Ergonomic design is also integral. Your workplace probably already has a section on this in the health and safety documentation if you are spending most of your day on the computer – those lessons should translate to your home office too. Make sure that you have a comfortable chair, install adequate lighting to reduce eye strain and try to make sure your desk and chair are at the right heights so you don’t get repetitive strain injury by overreaching or having to type in an uncomfortable position.

Working at home can be a great boon for those who like to reduce their commute, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t preparation involved! Follow these home inspiration ideas, and you’ll be well on your way to making the most of your teleworking ability.

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