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How to Create a Functional Entryway

By Laura Anderson

Let’s face it – first impressions are always the most important. While this is generally associated with people’s personalities, it also rings very true for properties, too.

If you’re about to list your property for sale, you’re no doubt going to give it a spring clean to get it looking neat and tidy. But aside from wiping away dust and giving the carpet a professional clean, you should also consider styling it.

The entryway is going to be one of the first parts of your home that people see at open inspections. Needless to say, it’s one drab area that should be turned into a stylish, functional space.

Think about its purpose

Have you got a family with young kids? It’s likely your entrance way and foyer area have become the one place in your home for junk. Muddy shoes, coats, abandoned homework, schoolbooks and bags are probably strewn about after being flung off after people walk through the door.

If this is a problem you’re experiencing at your home, it’s probably a sign you need to think about installing storage.

Hooks are a great option in entryways as they’re simple to install and make it easy for people to hang up a coat or umbrella. For the littler ones in the home, you might want to install a few cubbyholes to keep schoolbags and shoes. It’s up to you if you want these to be open or covered, but closed drawers help give a neater look to the space.

Add a functional and stylish mirror

As the entryway to a home is also going to be the main exit, think about hanging up a large mirror. This lets occupants and visitors have a quick glance at their appearance before popping out. Mirrors are also a good tool to make a space appear bigger than it is, and can go a long way toward brightening up a dark area.

If your entryway is particularly narrow, install a long mirror horizontally to widen up the space visually. You could also hang up a number of smaller mirrors and create a collage of sorts in different shapes, colours and sizes.

Cast your eye down

What’s more inviting than a long carpet laid out in front of you? To make your entryway more inviting to guests, think about laying down a long, narrow carpet or rug. These can really draw visitors into the home while also helping to protect the floors underneath.

Carpets and rugs are a handy feature to have if you’ve got wooden floors, as they can prevent scratches from occurring. They can also help to pick up all the mud and moisture from dirty shoes.

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