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How To Set Up A Home Gym: Advice From A Personal Trainer

By Laura Anderson

Staying active and healthy is one of the top recommendations by health experts all around the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Personal trainer and managing director at Revolution Performance Training Luke Scott says there are a few must-haves when it comes to setting up your home gym.

“I suggest a diverse set of dumbbells that you can use as a crossover for movements, a Theroband, kettlebell, yoga mat and a skipping rope,” he says. “Those five pieces of equipment are all most trainers need to be able to put together heaps of different workouts to cover some cardio, strength and structural exercise.”

The weight range will differ from person to person, but for a reasonably fit man Scott suggests 10-kilogram dumbbells and a 16-kilogram kettlebell, while women should opt for 7-kilogram dumbbells and a 12-kilogram kettlebell.

While those who enjoy a HIIT workout or a yoga class can still do so from their home, others won’t have the same luxury and will have to change up the way they go about things.

Acknowledging that many people will have limited access to space, facilities, budget and equipment at the moment, Scott says it might be a good time to challenge yourself in different ways, and focus on different aspects of fitness.

“What you do during this time should depend on what you enjoy first and foremost, but just keeping moving is key and sacrifice is OK,” he says.

“For someone who is a big strength trainer who doesn’t have access to a gym, or a swimmer without access to a pool, this is a great time to switch things up and think about what else you can do to complement your training and skills. For example, can you focus on your mobility?”

If you need a little motivation to get started and keep going at the moment, here are some of the best fitness apps available:


Chris Hemsworth has released his fitness app free so people can train like Thor at home. The app is designed to appeal to people of all fitness levels, with advice and workouts from 20 coaches including Hemsworth and his wife.

28 by Sam Wood 

As well as the regular fitness and food program, families can join Sam Wood every morning for a free live workout from home. The workouts will be streamed on the 28 by Sam Wood Facebook page and all fitness levels are welcome to join in.

Keep it Cleaner

Keep it Cleaner are hoping to help people stay active at home by offering free live workouts via the KIC Facebook page.

The workouts will be equipment-free and streamed live on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7am. On the app, users can find a range of workouts, meditations and recipes.

With over 350 exercises to choose from, the days of frantically googling “workout ideas” could be over. MyFitnessPal says it aims to help you keep everything you need (health and workout-related) in one place, almost like a mini fitness diary.

Part-workout tracker, part-social network, the app allows users to track a range of activities, share them to their network and receive praise or “kudos” from friends and followers in return. To help you stay inspired and challenged, the app also allows users to share their favourite routes with accompanying photos. Great for COVID-19 when our social interaction is limited to apps.

SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness offers multiple programs created and hosted by well-known personal trainers and fitness/health influencers. Workouts can be completed in sessions as short as 28 minutes.

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