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Ideas For Your Child’s Old Bedroom

By Laura Anderson

You spent years changing nappies, driving kids to footy practice, waiting for the sound of the front door that let you know your teen was home safe, and saw them persevere through university and land that first job. Now your little one is not so little any more.

It’s natural to experience sadness and a sense of loss when your last child leaves home. However, that empty nest can also present parents with the opportunity to reconnect with each other and rekindle interests for which they previously might not have had time.

It also offers the chance to reinvigorate your home.

Here are 7 ideas to transform your child’s old bedroom.

1. Guest room
With the kids gone, you may find you have more time on your hands. Spend it connecting with old friends. Throw fabulous dinner parties and invite an out-of-town friend you haven’t seen in a while to come, spend the weekend and stay in your five-star hotel guest room. It will come in handy, too, when your child comes home for a visit.

2. Dressing room
If you could use more space for your clothing and accessories, a dressing room could be the perfect solution. Make it luxurious, with large mirrors and a beautiful vanity table.

3. Gym
We all want to be a bit fitter, but maybe putting your kid through uni didn’t leave you with enough for a gym membership. Thankfully, you don’t need a lot of money to set up a home gym. When it comes to working out, space is often what we need the most. Invest in the right equipment slowly over time.

4. Retreat
The messy room that once smelled of pizza and sweaty socks could be the space to get away from it all, the perfect room for meditating or reading. Turn your child’s old room into your sanctuary of peace and relaxation.

5. Game room
A big TV, a billiards table, video games – the possibilities are endless. Make it fun and comfortable, the perfect room to spend some time with the kids – and the grand-kids – when they come to visit. Alternatively, if you’ve ever wanted to learn a musical instrument or have jam sessions in your home, a music room could be the way to go.

6. Office/studio
Maybe you’ve always wanted to work from home, but never had a quiet space to do so. Maybe you’d like to restore your dining room table to its original purpose from its current role as jewellery-making bench.  Or perhaps you’d like to rekindle your interest in painting or model ship building.

Now you have an extra room you can devote to your work or hobbies. You can finally have that sewing room.

7. Rent it
A spare room in your home could make excellent temporary accommodation for people such as students and seasonal workers. It could bring in some extra income and perhaps a little company. Be sure to do plenty of research and think about issues such as guests, chores, privacy, and the division of bills.

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