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Important Tips For Presenting The Master Bedroom For Viewings

By Laura Anderson

As the last stop on viewing tours for many properties, the master bedroom is an important room to get right. Even if everything else has gone to plan, falling at the final hurdle can leave buyers with a negative overall impression of the property which could affect their final decision. After all, bedrooms are where most people spend up to eight hours every day, so if you’re hoping to sell your house, you need to create a space where prospective buyers can see themselves relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep.

Focus on the bed

The clue’s in the name. The bed itself will be the main focus for people viewing your bedroom, so this is where you should focus your attention.

Whilst there’s something to be said for making a property feel lived in, this idea only goes so far, and the room needs to be tidy. For a starter, make the bed and remove any clothing or other items that may be covering it. Make sure the bedding you have on is clean and looks new. Even the most modern bedroom can feel old and dilapidated if the bedding and tired

You should also consider the placement of the bed itself. If the room has prominent features such as a bay window the position of the bed should complement this.

For rooms without an obvious focal point, think of the space as a whole and consider moving the bed accordingly. Even if the bed ends up somewhere that you wouldn’t choose yourself, its placement should maximise the space available. A good rule of thumb is that people should be able to walk around all sides.

By presenting viewers with the maximum space possible they are better able to imagine what they could do with the room to make it their own.

Depersonalise the space

The bedroom is one of the most personal rooms in the house, and prospective buyers will be trying to imagine themselves in that setting. Make this easy by removing some of your more personal items. There’s no need to go mad, but family photos and post cards can be off-putting, so are best stored away while the room is on show.

As a general rule for the whole house, extravagant or eccentric ornaments and furnishing can have a similarly alienating effect on buyers, so they should take a backseat during viewings.

When it comes to colour, try to find a consistent pattern and scheme for the whole room. Think about pillows, sheets and duvets alongside walls and furniture. Unexpected and clashing colours are distracting, and also stop viewers from fully relaxing in what should be the calmest room in the house.

Maximise storage potential

On the subject of storage, you should expect your viewers to open closets and wardrobes. Put yourself in their shoes, you would want to know that a beautiful bedroom can also hold all your belongings, so knowing the storage capabilities is a must.

Simply throwing everything you don’t want your house viewers to see into the nearest cupboard isn’t an option. This will make storage spaces seem smaller, so keep these areas tidy.

Keep it light

Whilst bedrooms are associated with night, your viewers don’t want to be squinting as they try to get a handle on the space.

As well as the ceiling light, position lamps by the bed and in any corners to prevent these areas looking dim and dingy. Similarly, make sure curtains and blinds are open. Natural light and fresh air (if it’s warm enough to open the windows!) can make a big difference to the feel of a bedroom.

Specific tips for small bedrooms

There are a number of ways you can compensate for a smaller master bedroom, and make it appear bigger than it actually is:

  • Mirrors– Mirrors are a great way to make any room feel larger. These are particularly effective if you position them to reflect the outdoors, as this will also make the room brighter.
  • Remove all but essential furniture– No matter your personal preference, furniture can make a space feel crowded, so strip back the surplus.
  • Choose one piece of art, and position it well – A single piece of art in a central position will draw the eye, whereas multiple examples dotted around the room can make it feel enclosed.

Knowing how to present your bedroom, and the property as a whole, for viewings is key for anyone trying to sell. For more real estate advice, get in touch with the Ray White team today.

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