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Planting Fruit Trees This Winter

By Laura Anderson

Unless you have the greenest of thumbs, you could probably use a few tips on how to keep your property looking spick and span over winter. We’re not just talking about homes for sale either – everyone could benefit from sprucing up the spruces when the weather sets in.

Gardening on a Larger Scale

Extra greenery isn’t just good for our homes, but our communities as well. The 20 Million Trees programme by the federal government is set to beautify our urban areas and green corridors. There is a total of $50million dollars dedicated to re-establishing Australia’s urban forests according to Greg Hunt, minister for the environment. In a 28 May release, he confirmed that 10 million trees have already been committed for planting over the next three years – a substantial move to greener areas for our communities to enjoy.

Mr Hunt also invited local community groups to join in if they were interested. These groups could work along organisations such as C02 Australia, Greening Australia and Landcare Australia to make a real difference to the way we enjoy our cities and even to the health of our population.

Getting More Local (and Tasty)

Well, you can’t get any more local than your own backyard. There are plenty opportunities to create cleaner, greener spaces for your family to enjoy – and which could also add value if your home is listed for sale.

Fruit trees are a great way to go if you’re trying to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only can you improve the visual appeal of your garden, but you can create a microhabitat for birds and other small animals that are increasingly pushed out of our urban centres. Hearing bird song in your own backyard could be a good mood lifter, in addition to the stunning look of your mini orchard.

Don’t forget that providing fresh fruit for your family is also another magnificent benefit of these plants. You can head off to work with your own organic lunch, made by nature, or you could even teach the kids about economics by helping them set up a fruit stall outside your house – there are plenty of ways to get more out of your planting.

Deciduous fruit trees are a great addition to your garden for other reasons too. In spring, they flower and provide your home and garden with a delightful natural fragrance. In summer, they bear fruit that’s great for eating, selling and giving away. They also provide shade from the hot summer sun. In autumn, they’re visually stunning as the leaves change shades.

However, in late autumn and winter, these trees cleverly drop their leaves to conserve energy, which is great news for you. After a quick rake through the garden to tidy up the debris, you’ll notice that the trees no longer block the sun. They allow all the light to flow through to your home, which is great for keeping warm in the cooler months! Another great thing about the leaves dropping off is that you can conveniently do all of your winter pruning, as you can see every stick and twig around.

Houses for sale are also more attractive with an established garden, and give buyers the impression of homeliness. There’s also less work to do for anyone moving in and the yearly fruit yield is a bonus that many people will appreciate.

If you’re in an apartment, small unit or rental property, you may not be able to grow your fruit trees. In which case, a potted garden could be just what you need. You’ll be able to grow all sorts of table vegetables and herbs, which will inspire your cooking and make your home a sensory delight in all seasons.

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