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Temporary Ways To Liven Up Your Ugly Rental Laundry

By Laura Anderson
The laundry is typically the most under-utilised room in the home (Sunday afternoons aside). The zone is usually associated with chores, so it’s natural no one wants to spend a lot of time here.

Once a space sparsely used and almost always ignored from an interior decor perspective, the thinking around the laundry room is changing fast.

“The laundry used to be the most ignored room in the house,” says Dan Brophy, one half of our Rentovators duo. “It was the place to go about your weekly washing, and the only other time you might have set foot inside was to throw a bunch of dirty clothes in a heap or kick off your muddy shoes,” says Dan.

Not anymore. “We’re moving into a more condensed way of living, which means the laundry is now becoming a part of our bathrooms. Since we’d have to look at the appliances more often, it makes total sense that we’d want the space as functional and as good looking as possible.”

Here, Dan along with fellow Rentovator Paul Wells, reveal their hacks for breathing new life into a tired laundry room. The best bit? All ideas are temporary, making them ideal for both renters and home owners.

Consider the layout

Dan says: “The problem that most people have, particularly in older rental properties, is that the laundry is usually the last place to have seen an update. They are almost always poorly designed with large appliances placed in odd positions making the space feel even smaller.”

The first step is to assess the size of your room and switch up the layout to maximise space. You may think it impossible to move appliances around due to the plumbing installed, but in most cases it’s as simple as purchasing an extension hose from your local hardware store.

“Think about how you’re using your vertical space, too,” Dan says. “Find items you can stack on top of each other, and always put lesser-used items higher up.”

Include a fabulous feature

Renovating home owners may wish to consider a gorgeous statement tile design or some nifty cabinetry that hides the appliances altogether.

Renters, of course, are limited to temporary adjustments only, but don’t worry – Dan and Paul have a super cool idea for a feature that’s both cheap and easily removed when your lease is up.

“A peg board is a bit of fun, but more than that it’s a functional piece that can liven up the laundry room,” says Dan. “You can use pieces of dowel to erect small shelves for your pegs, and then create stylish vignettes.”

Light your space right

Nothing makes a laundry feel less inviting than a flickering, cool-toned light with moths caught in the shade. A fresh new glow will go a long way to making your laundry feel more friendly, and may entice you to spend more time in it, too.

Dan’s favourite solution? A plug-in pendant. “It’s one of the greatest inventions of our generation!” he says.

“It screws in where the light bulb would usually go, and hangs down for a modern industrial look. You can change the globe to whichever style you please, and it requires no work from an electrician.”

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