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Three Birds Renovations On The Top Five Things Worth Splurging On In Your Laundry

By Laura Anderson

When it comes to home renovations we’re usually pretty quick to splash the cash – however much or little we have – on the areas we’ll spend the most time in, and enjoy being in.

Living areas, kitchens and bedrooms tend to get all the love and are kitted out with the finest of fixtures and fittings, and usually the little old laundry is an afterthought. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

According to the Three Birds renovating queens, Bonnie Hindmarsh, Erin Cayless and Lana Taylor, “laundries should be rooms that are a pleasure, rather than a punishment, to be in.”

“We know that a large laundry is a complete luxury and not all floor plans have the space to dedicate to a sizeable one, but you can create a laundry you love, irrespective of the size.”

Here, the Three Birds tell us the top five things they think are worth spending a little extra on in order to make your laundry less shabby and more chic.

Quality appliances

Hindmarsh, Cayless and Taylor say we should embrace front-load washing machines as they’re perfect to use in a European laundry when space is limited, or to use in a larger room.

“Aside from looking like a perfect pair with your dryer, they provide more bench space, are gentler on clothes, use less water, less detergent and cost less to run.

Quality tapware

“Just like appliances, you get what you pay for with tapware. If your taps are wall-mounted – which we love in a laundry – a faulty tap that requires a repair job down the track will spoil your splashback and wall linings.”

Good ventilation

The laundry can get damp easily so it’s critical to get that air circulating to avoid mould build-up.

“An external window or door works best, especially a window that can be locked open while you are out. If you have a door but no window, consider a glass louvre door. It’s just like a louvre window inserted into a door frame – perfect for keeping that air flowing.”

Ample lighting

Doing the washing is a dreaded chore at the best of times, but doing it in a dimly lit laundry is worse.

Hindmarsh, Cayless and Taylor suggest a combination of well-placed task lighting, natural light and even pendant lighting.

“Pendant lights are usually reserved for kitchens and bedrooms, but we also love installing them in laundries. Even though a laundry is typically a ‘place of work’, we love to make the room feel special with a well-placed pendant.”

Custom cabinetry

Storage is key when it comes to creating a functional laundry, so consider spending as much as the budget will allow on storage options that work for you.

“While there are some great flat-pack cabinetry options for those renovating on a budget, if you can afford to splurge on custom cabinetry to get just the finish you want, go for it!

“Don’t forget a tall cupboard in your design – you need somewhere to store a broom, ironing board, and other tall items that you will accumulate.”


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