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Three Ideas for Creating an Indoor Garden

By Laura Anderson

Many of us live busy lives and don’t always have a few spare hours to spend in the garden each week. Others might have the time, but not enough room in the backyard to grow some plants. Others may not even have a backyard at all!

If one of these scenarios sounds like you, but you’d still love to put your green thumb to work, there’s always the option of growing things indoors.

Here are a few ideas to think about before you get started:

Install hanging herb gardens 

If you’ve got a property for sale or for rent and you want a temporary option, hanging potted plants indoors is a great way to go.

The kitchen is the ideal place to start, especially if your property has an island. For a unique look, plant some of your favourite herbs such as basil or thyme in large old cans and thread wire or chain through them to hang on the ceiling.

You could also use colourful mugs, attach them to a chain or long piece of wire and hang them from a hook on the wall. Don’t forget to place these plants in an area that sees a bit of sun and remember to keep them watered.

Create a lusciously green bathroom

The bathroom is one area of the house that experiences a lot of moisture throughout the day. Whether it’s just from the use of the bathroom sink or even long daily showers, humidity can get quite high in this area.

While this might mean careful ventilation while it’s in use, the bathroom’s humid conditions make it a great place for growing plants.

To make your bathroom pop while your home is for sale, add some bright plants for colour. Don’t forget placement, either. The edge of the bathtub makes a fantastic place for potted plants to sit, as well as windowsills and next to the sink. Peace lilies, orchids and different types of ferns are a great addition to any bathroom and provide lively, luscious colours to complement decor.

Add a touch of sophistication to your living room

Splashes of green can help transform your living room from boring and drab to fresh and sophisticated. For a modern feel, select tall plants, such as ferns or a small ficus variety, and use sleek metal or white stone pots.

Aloe vera is another low maintenance indoor house plant and looks great perched on top of tables, mantle pieces and cabinets.

As these are going to be on the floor or on top of other surfaces, remember to give your pots a water tray for excess fluids to drip into.

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