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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas When You Can’t Take Mum To Lunch

By Laura Anderson

If the isolation age has taught us anything in the past six weeks, it’s that less is more and perspective is everything.

But across the world, celebrating Mother’s Day this year might mean doing so without your maternal force able to be in the same room as you – unless you’re still living at home.

Separation anxiety doesn’t mean you can’t add to the experience for Mum – it’s about finding new ways to celebrate and rethink a century-old tradition that would usually see us gather for lunch or dinner.

Start by keeping it simple – it doesn’t cost a fortune to bake – so why not make her favourite cake or treat her to a cooked breakfast in bed?

There are also many restaurants whipping up Mother’s Day menus for pick-up and limited home delivery if you desire to take the hard work out of it. All you need is an oven to reheat the meal.

Mother’s Day might have been a time you’d gift a spa treatment or massage. Instead, buy a gift voucher to a local spa for future use. You will make your mum’s day and also be supporting a local business in a time of need.

Electronic gifting is another way to go.

If you’re feeling more sentimental, and who isn’t in these times, it might be time to turn FaceTime with Mum into a history lesson. Why not learn about her story growing up and jot it down for a family keepsake? Because we’re surely looking back in time like never before right now.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Mother’s Day, in fact many do so without her around any more. Saying it with flowers or by picking up the phone and having a good old chat, or reminiscing about her with siblings and family if she is no longer there is also a heartfelt way to say thank you.

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