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By Laura Anderson

Have you felt a hankering to get back to the country? Every year, plenty of people escape the city limits and head out to the sticks to try and find a little tranquility. However, you don’t need to own rural real estate to get a country feel for your property. Here is a quick rundown on this quintessential rustic style.

Why Country?

Rustic style brings occupants back to their roots to seek out real, genuine human connection.

You might be asking yourself why country? In a world where nearly everyone seems to be rushing ahead towards the future, why should we take a step back with our interior design?

It isn’t just about the aesthetics. The idea behind country design is to build warm, cozy interiors that invite feelings of relaxation and escape from the full-throttle drama of modern life. Whether you are entertaining friends or are looking to build a true family home, rustic style brings occupants back to their roots to seek out real, genuine human connection.

What Makes Something Country?

First, consider your materials. The warm nut browns of timber are a constant in country homes, whether they make up countertops, flooring, furniture or accents. Simple, lightly adorned ceramics or basic metals add a level of ‘honesty’ to your surroundings – but be careful not to become too kitsch. If your walls are brick, try exposing a portion of it, as this old-school design feature creates a raw backdrop: a perfect opportunity to contrast with clean-lined art or furniture, if you are concerned about going too country. Less is more in rustic style.

Functional accessories allow you to create a space that feels honest, wholesome and meaningful.

Secondly, consider comfort. Your colour choices should consist of light, muted colours. White or off-white hues offer an excellent background upon which to place a mix of dark timber tones and pastel colours. You want to aim for a soft, welcoming palette that will put residents and guests at their ease. Double down on this with comfortable fabrics on your chairs and sofas, and try mixing woven, fabric and clean textures to create an interesting layered look.

Finally, keep your accessories functional. Copper or burnished bronze pots and pans offer excellent metallic accents to a kitchen, while a discreet pile of cut wood (whether or not you have a fireplace) will soften any solid, crisp and stark contemporary features that you have decided to incorporate. Functional accessories allow you to create a space that feels honest, wholesome and meaningful, while also very aesthetically pleasing.

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