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Property Management


One of the biggest factors that can affect the management of your property is through poor awareness, planning and delivery of required property maintenance.

Proper maintenance and up-keep of a property is a legal obligation and enforced under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and therefore requires careful consideration.

Here at Ray White Picton we look at all maintenance issues objectively with the ultimate aim of:
– Maintaining the capital value of your property
– Preventing minor problems escalating further into more costly situations
– Keeping landlords and tenants happy and well informed throughout the entire process

Communication is a key factor of the maintenance process, with an assurance that our property managers will bring to your attention any immediate or urgent maintenance needs as well as informing you of any preventative maintenance that may be beneficial to the long term health of your property.

There are two key classifications for repairs – urgent and non urgent. An urgent repair must be responded to within 24 hours notice, a non urgent repair may take longer. We have a 24 hour contact service for urgent repairs. The Residential Tenancy Act allows a tenant to spend up to $1,000 (GST inclusive) if an urgent repair is left unattended after 24 hours.

Our long standing relationship with a large number of reputable tradespeople allows landlords access to competitive prices and high quality of work, however, if you wish to nominate your own tradespeople to carry out maintenance work on your property this can also be arrange directly with your property manager.

Our staff are well versed in understanding the difference between fair wear and tear (a landlord’s responsibility) and property damage or neglect (a tenant’s responsibility). This ensures the responsibility for any required repairs or maintenance are directed to the right person.

Who Pays for Water Charges?

The tenant is responsible for all metered water usage charges as long as internal cold water taps or single mixer taps for kitchen sinks and bathroom shower heads has a maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute and there is no leaking taps at the property, and the landlord is responsible for daily line supply charges. Where the water supply is from a tank, the landlord should provide a full tank at the start of the tenancy.