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Property Management

The Property Management Process

Setting the Rent

Our goal is to help you capitalise on your investment and ensure you receive the highest possible rent in the shortest possible time – while also considering your desired tenants and how to effectively reach them through strategic pricing of your property. We look at many important factors when advising our landlords on a suitable rental figure such as the number of similar properties currently available, prices of comparable properties and how long they have remained available and current rental demand.

Marketing your Property

We put a strong focus on securing the highest quality of tenants for our landlord through the use of proven marketing techniques and tenant selection procedures. We promote your property through internet advertising which allows us to reach potential tenants on a 24/7 basis, rental list in the office which includes photos and information on the property and a signboard out the front of the property.

Tenant Selection

Getting the right tenant is arguably the most important part of the entire tenancy process. Landlords require a tenant who is stable, respectful of the property and financially sound. We combine our experience and tenant checks to ensure any risks associated are greatly reduced. The process involves meeting all prospective tenants at the property, ensuring every applicant completes an application form including providing reference checks, conducting tenant database checks, conducting checks on their history which includes employment verification, landlord references and confirming drivers license and passport details.

Tenancy Agreements

The residential tenancy agreement is a contract that is read to the tenant and they are required to sign off in several areas to show their understanding of the conditions and their acceptance of the terms. We collect 4 weeks rent from the tenant as a bond against the property, we ensure these funds have been received prior to handing any keys to the property over. All landlords are also provided with a full property inspection report prior to tenants moving into the property. The report details the properties initial condition, Numerous photos are taken of the property at this stage to provide further clarity around the initial condition.

Rent Collection and Arrears

We understand your investment is a business transaction and loss of income can cause you financial strain and personal stress. Therefore we have a zero tolerance policy for rent arrears and do not tolerate missed and late payments. In the event that a tenant does miss a payment we phone the tenant to request the funds be paid right away and a rent reminder letter is sent. If rent is 14 days behind a termination is issued.

Routine Inspections

Our policy is to carry out regular inspections of your property. The inspections are carried out every three months. We provide you with a written report and photos providing information on how the tenant is keeping the property.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our aim is to return as much of the rental income to you as possible, however, at times maintenance must be carried out. Repairs to your property are carried out up to your pre-approved disbursement level and you are consulted prior to any repairs and maintenance taking place.

The End of the Tenancy

When a tenant wishes to vacate the property we will confirm the details in writing to you. We will take care of all the necessary end of tenancy documentation. A final inspection will be carried out to ensure your property has been left in good condition. Once a tenant has vacated al the final inspection has been completed we will ensure the bond refund is processed and any final deductions for rent, utilities or damage are covered.