What To Do When Your Desired Suburb Is Unaffordable

Are homes for sale in your ideal suburb constantly just out of your financial reach? Your savings are swelling, you've amassed enough for a deposit, but as soon as you're ready to make a visit to your lender the homes for sale jump up in price. Again. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if it makes you feel better), many aspiring first time buyers are in the same boat. According … read on

3 Reasons You Should Live In A Smaller Town

The escalating property prices in our cities is encouraging first home buyers to look further afield. This is being complemented by improvements to our public transport systems, which makes living with a daily commute a more viable option. Projects are abound throughout Australia, meanwhile, the New Zealand Ministry of Transport has allocated more than $36billion to the … read on

3 Ways to a Stress-Free Auction Day

What do you define as a successful auction day? Is it your home going under the hammer well above the reserve, or is it just simply walking away with your hair still intact? Auctions can be a nerve-wracking time, especially for the seller as they're the most intimately involved. Looking at recent auction results for real estate in Australia, it's clear to see that they're … read on

How To Sell Your Home In Spring

Spring is finally here, what many regard as the silly season of real estate as homes generally sell like hot cakes. The perception that it's the best time to put your home on the market is widespread throughout Australasia. The general belief is that the birds, bees, greenery and warmer weather draw potential buyers out from their winter hibernation and reinvigorates their … read on

What Happened To The Market In August?

Is August 31 the best day of the real estate year? Because it heralds the end of winter and the commencement of spring! The commencement of that marvelous spring activity that now proceeds right through into the summer months. Homes have been diligently prepared for sale, marketing campaigns have been agreed with one’s chosen real estate agent, it’s the same feeling as new … read on

New Underquoting Laws Before Parliament

New underquoting laws will change the way agents communicate with their vendors and purchasers. The Bill, to be introduced into parliament this week, will see the implementation of new record keeping requirements and a tougher penalty regime. “Agents need to be ready for these changes,” REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin said. “With this new legislation comes some complexities, so … read on

5 Things Every New Landlord Needs To Know

Are you considering a property investment with real estate in Australia? Provided you purchase wisely, rental properties can be a great source of income, as your tenants pay off your home loan while you benefit from capital gains. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the total value of lending to investors intending to purchase residential property in June … read on

Is Negative Gearing Good Or Bad?

As Australia’s property market continues to grow and affordability remains a key concern the subject of negative gearing is never far from the spotlight. The current government continues to rule out scrapping the policy, while Labor and the Greens recently flagged significant changes under their party platforms. Many are calling for the controversial tax break to … read on

8 Bad Home Habits You Need To Break Now

1. Not Washing Your Sheets/Towels Often Enough Think about these two things: "slipping your weary bones in between crisp, fresh bed linen" and "shedding dead skin cells". Change your sheets once a week, or at the very least once a fortnight. Towels should be washed every three to four days. 2. Neglecting Your Filters Not only is it slovenly but it's actually dangerous … read on

Should I Think About Building My Own Property?

For most people, the dream of home ownership begins when they see their perfect property. But for others, they have plans that they want to bring to life, which is why they turn to building their own. Making the decision to construct your own property is not one that should be taken lightly. Instead, you need to give it plenty of thought, and not to mention weigh up whether … read on