5 Tips For A Crowded Open House

Opening your home to strangers can be daunting. Understandably so, as dozens of people touring your personal space, judging its value and asking difficult questions can be stressful even for those who’ve gone through it before. But what’s worse? Nobody showing up at all. This can be extremely demoralising, but luckily it’s easily avoidable if you put in enough work … read on

The Essentials Of Buying Property With A Partner

Buying property with your partner is a big step in the relationship. It’s more momentous than taking care of a furry friend or moving in together and will probably cost you more than saying ‘I do’. But it’s not all whispering sweet nothings and long prosperous futures – there’s a lot that can go wrong when investing in property together. What if the relationship breaks up … read on

4 Must-Dos For Buyers At Open Homes

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of attending an open home. You’ll probably imagine yourself living happily in the property as you stroll through the hallways and look in at freshly painted, sun-drenched rooms. But it’s important that you keep your head at this time and approach the open home logically. That way you can be 100 per cent sure that you’re buying a … read on

How Long Does It Take To Save For That First Home?

Everything from avocado on toast to coffee to zoning laws has been blamed for a lack of affordable housing, particularly for first-time buyers, but is it really that simple? With house prices rising and interest rates falling, just how long does it take the average single person or couple to save for a deposit for their first home? A new analysis shows single first-time … read on

4 Tasks You’ll Never Have To Do Again If You Hire A Property Manager

Renting out your investment property is essential to its profitability, but it can also be a logistical nightmare. As the owner you’ll be solely responsible for your tenants while they live in your home. You’ll have to find and keep good ones, maintain the home, stay up to date with tenancy law and perhaps even settle disputes if they arise. Managing a property is mainly … read on

HOUZZ: How To Make A Big Statement In A Small Bathroom

Deciding what’s worth the splurge and what’s not can be a tricky game. When you’re designing a small space, little details matter. A powder room renovation is a great opportunity to create a jewel box of a space. Due to the limited floor space, you can feel more comfortable spending more on materials, because you’ll need less of them. 1. Tiled walls In such a small space, a … read on

Four Tips For New Landlords

If you’re a fledgling landlord, you’d better start doing your research, as a little knowledge can make the process stress free and easy, for even the most inexperienced operator. Theres a lot to know and a lot to do: you have to keep tenants happy, abide by a number of laws, and maintain the property, all the while ensuring it’s making a decent return as an investment. To … read on

3 Things To Do When Buying An Older Home

Decades ago homes were built by carpenters and builders with an artistry and care that showed in the finish product. Floors were hewn from finely polished timber, ornate bay windows added character and detailing around the home was often intricate and decorative. Older homes may have a myriad of problems that could be costly to fix. Things have changed in the modern … read on

Common Difficulties During The First Year In A New Home

Buying your first home is a massive step towards a secure financial future, and perhaps the start of adulthood for many young Australians. However it’s not all roses – with a purchase so massive there are bound to be difficulties and challenges moving forward, both before and after the purchase. Many buyers may worry about saving for a deposit, or affording a property in … read on