HOUZZ: How To Make A Big Statement In A Small Bathroom

Deciding what’s worth the splurge and what’s not can be a tricky game. When you’re designing a small space, little details matter. A powder room renovation is a great opportunity to create a jewel box of a space. Due to the limited floor space, you can feel more comfortable spending more on materials, because you’ll need less of them. 1. Tiled walls In such a small space, a … read on

Four Tips For New Landlords

If you’re a fledgling landlord, you’d better start doing your research, as a little knowledge can make the process stress free and easy, for even the most inexperienced operator. Theres a lot to know and a lot to do: you have to keep tenants happy, abide by a number of laws, and maintain the property, all the while ensuring it’s making a decent return as an investment. To … read on

3 Things To Do When Buying An Older Home

Decades ago homes were built by carpenters and builders with an artistry and care that showed in the finish product. Floors were hewn from finely polished timber, ornate bay windows added character and detailing around the home was often intricate and decorative. Older homes may have a myriad of problems that could be costly to fix. Things have changed in the modern … read on

Common Difficulties During The First Year In A New Home

Buying your first home is a massive step towards a secure financial future, and perhaps the start of adulthood for many young Australians. However it’s not all roses – with a purchase so massive there are bound to be difficulties and challenges moving forward, both before and after the purchase. Many buyers may worry about saving for a deposit, or affording a property in … read on

How To Protect Your Home

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that 242,500 households had a break-in last year. In our opinion, that’s 242,500 households too many. Here we have some low-cost ways to reduce the chances of your home being targeted. Front yard visibility Burglars work in the shadows. They will look for homes that allow them to go undetected. Look for ways to make entry points … read on

Reap The Rewards Of Refinancing

With interest rates at an all-time low, it’s a good time to evaluate the rate you’re currently paying and investigate if there’s a better deal out there for you. by Stephanie Williams Refinancing your home loan isn’t as daunting as it sounds. A rate cut by the Reserve Bank of Australia doesn’t guarantee your bank will pass on that rate and most people don’t realise it’s … read on

Do You Know These Two Integral Garden Traits?

Has your garden been looking a little lacklustre lately? Perhaps you’ve been thinking of giving it a bit of a spruce, but the last time you did that it didn’t go quite as planned. Fear not, there are plenty of other people in a similar situation with their real estate. Even the greenest of thumbs can’t keep a garden going if they don’t know these two integral but oft-forgotten … read on

Is Spring The Best Time To Sell Property?

Winter has come to an end – at long last. It’s not as chilly in the morning, the days are longer and the birds are chirping just a little louder. Additionally Commbank has indicated that spring and summer are the busiest times in the property market. In fact CoreLogic Data shows that each spring over the last few years has seen at least one month where over 3500 auctions occur … read on

Three Reasons It’s About To Be Easier To Buy Property

In the near future your mortgage may cost less, homes may be cheaper to buy and there may be more properties to choose from. All of these factors should combine to make the market more accessible for all Australians, helping to ensure that dreams of home ownership can become reality. Exciting as all this might be, you’d be forgiven for thinking it sounds to good to be true. … read on

Is It Time To Move House?

Despite the growing value of real estate throughout Australia, it seems like there are only a few owner-occupiers who are choosing to take advantage of it in the current Australian property market. According to a recent survey from Roy Morgan, the majority of people have stayed in the same home for at least the last five years, with over 40 per cent of people being at the … read on