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Ray White Picton

Ray White Picton is a dynamic team of professional achievers who excel through enthusiasm, determination and a commitment to delivering a superior service; surpassing clients’ expectations at every opportunity. Dedicated to excellence; successful yet ambitious, Ray White Picton is a team respected for their honesty and ethical approach.  A dedication … Read more read on

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5 Tips For A Crowded Open House

Opening your home to strangers can be daunting. Understandably so, as dozens of people touring your personal space, judging its value and asking difficult questions can be stressful even for those who’ve gone through it before. But what’s worse? Nobody showing up at … read on

The Essentials Of Buying Property With A Partner

Buying property with your partner is a big step in the relationship. It’s more momentous than taking care of a furry friend or moving in together and will probably cost you more than saying ‘I do’. But it’s not all whispering sweet nothings and long prosperous futures – there’s … read on

How Long Does It Take To Save For That First Home?

Everything from avocado on toast to coffee to zoning laws has been blamed for a lack of affordable housing, particularly for first-time buyers, but is it really that simple? With house prices rising and interest rates falling, just how long does it take the average single … read on

4 Must-Dos For Buyers At Open Homes

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of attending an open home. You’ll probably imagine yourself living happily in the property as you stroll through the hallways and look in at freshly painted, sun-drenched rooms. But it’s important that you keep your head at this … read on
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